KOWS training being conducted by DoE, the SSTUWA and the Police

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To support the KOWS training being conducted by DoE, the SSTUWA and the Police, DoE has provided funding as outlined below:

Schools will be reimbursed for the cost of teacher relief to support participation of a school leader and a union representative/member in the KOWS professional learning will be provided as follows:

  • Each metropolitan public school will receive one day teacher relief
  • Each regional public school will receive two days’ teacher relief (acknowledging the additional travel time involved in attending the professional learning).

Payment of teacher relief will be made based on PLIS registration and attendance. Schools will be reimbursed via a SAM payment. The Department will also cover the travel cost for two staff members to attend the nearest regionally based session. In some instances this may require car hire, flights, overnight accommodation and meal expenses. Schools will be required to organise and initially pay for their travel arrangements, including flights, accommodation and car hire. Please refer below for details on seeking reimbursement for these costs.

Claiming school incurred expenses

Documentation of expenses will need to be forwarded to Statewide Services at KOWS@education.wa.edu.au by Monday, 11 June 2018 in relation to the following expenses:

  • Travel and accommodation
  • Hire car
  • Hire car fuel costs.
Claiming staff expenses through HRMIS

For other expenses such as meals, claiming kilometrage for personal use of staff cars and incidentals, staff will need to – immediately following the professional learning event – enter these expenses into HRMIS using the Cost Centre 57477 Project Code 0000 (it is very important to change this otherwise it will be paid out of your school’s cost centre).

Full details can be found here.