AEU Media Releases

6 Jan 2019
A call for universities to strengthen entry requirements for teaching degrees is an essential step in ensuring that we set a high bar for entry into the teaching profession.
14 Dec 2018
Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s appalling bilateral school funding agreements with the states and territories mean public schools in those jurisdictions will miss out on billions of dollars in funding, resulting in less resources for public schools to inv…
30 Nov 2018
The Morrison government must immediately reverse funding cuts to Australia’s TAFE system if it is serious about addressing issues in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.
22 Nov 2018
A commitment by the Australian Greens to fairly fund Australia’s public school system is welcome acknowledgement that public school students deserve the best opportunities possible in a properly resourced public system.
22 Nov 2018
A new report revealing that 85 percent of private schools around Australia in 2016 received more public funding than public schools is yet more evidence of the deep inequalities in school funding in Australia.
31 Oct 2018
Voters now have a clear choice at the next federal election between supporting Labor’s vision of extra funding for every public school or continuing the Morrison government’s billion-dollar cuts to public school funding.
26 Oct 2018
Nearly nine in ten public school teachers say that NAPLAN is ineffective as a method of assessing students, according to the latest ‘State of our Schools’ online survey.
26 Oct 2018
​More than nine in ten public school teachers use their own money to purchase supplies for their school or students, according to the latest ‘State of our Schools’ online survey.
24 Oct 2018
Prime Minister Scott Morrison must immediately order that all children and families of refugees be removed from Nauru and brought to Australia.
12 Oct 2018
No school should have the right to turn away or discriminate against LGBTIQ students or teachers.
10 Oct 2018
Labor’s federal election commitment to invest $14.1 billion in our public schools rightfully returns public education as the priority of a future federal government. It recognises the importance of properly funding the system responsible for educating Aus…
5 Oct 2018
More than seven in ten undecided voters in specific marginal electorates across Australia disapprove of the Morrison government’s $4.6 billion special funding deal for private schools, according to new polling.
4 Oct 2018
Labor’s $1.75 billion commitment today to guarantee ongoing funding for two years of Early Childhood Education (ECE) for every child via its National Preschool and Kindy Program is a huge step forward in giving Australia’s children the best possible start…
2 Oct 2018
Principal associations, parent groups and other organisations from across the country are joining forces to send a strong message to the Morrison government to fund public schools fairly.
27 Sep 2018
Public school enrolments are forecast to increase by 23 times more than Catholic school enrolments over the next decade, raising hard questions about the assumptions behind the Morrison government’s $4.6 billion private school funding deal.
26 Sep 2018
New school funding data has revealed that Australia’s most disadvantaged government schools receive at least $10,000 less per student in government funding than equivalent Catholic schools.
21 Sep 2018
State and territory education ministers must stand up and fight for public schools in the wake of the Morrison government’s $4.6 billion private school spending splurge.
20 Sep 2018
The Morrison government’s private school funding deal is a cynical attempt by the Morrison government to buy votes at the next election at the expense of our children in our public schools.
18 Sep 2018
​A secret report showing that students with low ATAR scores are being recruited into Initial Teacher Education (ITE) is of grave concern and reveals the urgent need to implement minimum entry requirements for teaching degrees in Australia.
14 Sep 2018
Any public school funding agreements or curriculum reforms negotiated by the Morrison government which do not include input from the teaching profession will be absolutely worthless and doomed to failure.