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8 March 2024
As stated in the eNews sent to school members on 5 March, the SSTUWA has received an offer for a replacement General Agreement (Schools), which Executive has subsequently declined.
18 May 2023
Recent anti-LGBTIQ+ propaganda at rallies across Australia has emphasised what still needs to be done to protect our LGBTIQ+ community. You would have thought that this sort of behaviour was in the past and if news headlines from the USA was anything...
3 April 2023
As you would have seen, your union has commissioned an independent review into the current state of public education in WA. The SSTUWA Review of Public Education, chaired by former premier and education minister Carmen Lawrence, will not only identify the current issues impacting on our public education system in WA, but also look at the much needed practical and realistic solutions.
27 February 2023
The SSTUWA wants regional community members to have their say on the state of WA’s public education system, as part of its independent review led by Dr Carmen Lawrence.
22 January 2023
Amid a string of national and state-wide award nominations and multiple wins (including the top school prize at last year’s Australian Education Awards), it’s safe to say Bunbury Primary School had a good 2022.
22 January 2023
18 November 2022
Early in the 1990s, the SSTUWA and Department of Education (DoE) began discussions around how to create a meaningful pathway for teachers who wished to remain in the classroom and not move into school leadership positions. At the time, no other state or territory had a process or position established to recognise exemplary classroom teachers in this way.
1 October 2022
With the registration of the Schools General Agreement (GA) 2021, I thought this an opportune moment to look at the changes that will benefit women, particularly the new clause in part eight of the GA 2021, personal leave clause 33.
1 October 2022
Senior teacher status was developed after it was recognised there was a need to retain competent and experienced teachers in duties directly associated with classroom teaching and learning, and to reward the excellent work and professionalism of experienced classroom teachers who do not wish to move into an administrative role.
1 October 2022
Growing up in Zimbabwe in a bilingual household, emphasis was always placed on education and hard work.
1 August 2022
The Schools General Agreement has just been registered, and as we go to print, we remain in negotiation over the TAFE General Agreement
1 August 2022
Membership with the SSTUWA ensures you are never on your own. Members can access information, advice, and support through a variety of sources and teams.
1 August 2022
As the 2021 recipient of Lynette Virgona Memorial Scholarship, I was able to undertake the invaluable Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) training.
1 June 2022
You are never on your own when you are a member of a union. Many of our members have joined and remain with us to be part of the collective. Working in solidarity for the benefit of all members, we know we are stronger together.
1 May 2022
Term 1 is over, and what a term it was. We celebrated International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8 March, with our members sharing how they “Break the Bias”. We heard stories from both sides of our educational settings – schools and TAFE.
1 February 2022
A new school year is well underway and 2022 has started like no other.
8 October 2021
From support to tax deductible
1 August 2021
Wear it Purple Day on 27 August is about showing LGBTIQ+ young people that they have the right to be proud of who they are.
1 August 2021
Education workers are invited to participate in a new sporting games event being held in Mandurah during the school holiday period in October.
1 August 2021
Sarah Dawkins was the 2020 SSTUWA participant in the Anna Stewart Memorial Project. She shares her experiences

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