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18 November 2022
Delegates to November State Council Conference were introduced to the panel members of the SSTUWA review into public education and had an opportunity to engage with them via a consultation workshop on opening day.
17 November 2022
November State Council Conference has capped off a year of intense union activity which has included the launch of an independent review into public education in WA, the registering of two General Agreements and the start of the process for a next Log of Claims.
6 November 2022
It has been a big year for public educators, but 2022 promises to be even bigger and it will be critical for the SSTUWA and its members to remain strong, united and committed in order to tackle the challenges that will come its way.
6 November 2022
SSTUWA membership numbers continue to grow, with member numbers in all categories increasing to give the union just over 17,700 members.
1 June 2022
The SSTUWA will commission a review into the state of public education in WA that will drive the push to elevate the status of public educators and ensure the sector receives the full resourcing that it needs.
1 June 2021
Protecting public education and the rights and conditions of those who work in the field were among the key messages delivered at June State Council Conference earlier this month.

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