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31 October 2023
This issue of Western Teacher contains a summary document of the SSTUWA’s Review into Public Education.
13 September 2023
The Rural and Remote Education Advisory Council (RREAC) was established in 1997 and fulfils an important role, reporting directly to the Minister for Education. It is responsible for providing strategic advice on education and training issues and development in rural and remote areas of Western Australia.
8 August 2023
Members are at the centre of everything we do and providing an avenue for your voices to be heard is a key role for your senior officers.
19 June 2023
Last month, early childhood education (ECE) teachers were invited to participate in the SSTUWA’s first ECE Forum for 2023.
18 May 2023
Each year, elected women delegates from around the country attend the AEU Federal Women’s Conference. This is a fantastic opportunity for women members to hear from a range of guest speakers, become more aware of professional and industrial matters...
3 April 2023
Whether you are a principal, deputy, head of learning area, senior teacher or Level 3 Classroom Teacher, you are in a unique position to offer insight into the challenges public educators face on a daily and long-term basis.
26 February 2023
International Women’s Day will be celebrated on 8 March. This year’s global theme is #EmbraceEquity. “Equity isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.” A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society’s DNA - and it’s crucial to understand the difference between equity and equality.
22 January 2023
As the new school year dawns upon us I am delighted to take up the position of your new SSTUWA senior vice president. I am excited and looking forward to representing all of our members, and advocating for public education, working alongside the senior officer group which comprises of SSTUWA President Matt Jarman, General Secretary Mary Franklyn and Vice President Sharmila Nagar.
25 November 2022
New data from the Australian Education Union has highlighted the Morrison Government’s failure to take responsibility for TAFE.
17 November 2022
During the 2021 EBA the SSTUWA won the claim to review part of the Country Teaching Program, an incentives package • to assist with the attraction and retention of teachers, school leaders and school psychologists to country schools. This work is about to progress and has now received unexpected stimulation following the recent announcement from Education Minister Sue Ellery to staff some country schools with a one year only additional incentive; in fact, just 48 schools.
1 October 2022
Prior to the pandemic it could be said a school’s teacher relief availability depended on a variety of local seasonal factors, which would be invariably worked through. The pandemic has unfortunately now caused an unwanted equity. Everyone is struggling, and in many cases, just labelling teacher relief availability as a “struggle” would be entirely inadequate.
1 August 2022
The 2013 National Education Reform Agreement (NERA) between the Commonwealth and state and territory governments (and through memorandums of understanding with private schools) planned a $16 billion increase in school funding over six years, 80 per cent of which was to go to public schools.
1 June 2022
By Matt Jarman Senior Vice President
1 May 2022
This article is to provide more detail to SSTUWA school leaders in relation to the Agreement in Principle (AIP) and to address misinformation that is currently circulating.
1 February 2022
The SSTUWA is pleased that members will now be able to access COVID-19 leave immediately if needed, with the requirement to first exhaust other forms of leave now being lifted.
1 January 2022
The SSTUWA is committed to working with the state government to ensure educators and students are safe when the WA borders open on 5 February.
6 October 2021
Over the course of the past few years staff meeting time has been altered by workload demands.
1 August 2021
The collegiate principals (CP) initiative has been moving along at a pleasing pace, with the more than 450 requests from school leaders (as of late Term 2) to be involved in the program, reflecting its importance.
1 June 2021
When Minister for Education Sue Ellery launched a violence in schools policy position in 2018 there could no longer be any doubt safety in the classroom was not only a priority and shared responsibility but, perhaps more worryingly, had become such a cause for concern that ministerial intervention was now needed.

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